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The following was taken from
Some of the Descendants of Daniel Martin
(1745-1829) of Laurens Co., South Carolina

929.273, M363g Salt Lake Library


       John McNeese, the father of Margaret McNeese Rodgers, was a member of the famous old Cub Creek Settlement founded by John Caldwell, which we have already referred to. John McNeese came as did the others from Pennsylvania but it is not known whether he came with him or whether he followed the group by a few years. The first reference your compiler found in Lunenburg Co. was in 1747. There are a great many land transactions in his name. He acquired 1300 acres at one time on Turnip Creek now in Charlotte Co., VA. He frequently witnessed deeds and wills with the Caldwells and Rodgers. One deed states that his land "cornered on William Rodgers land". This was the William Rodgers whose son his daughter Margaret married.

     While living in Virginia, John McNees served in the colonial Militia. For proof of this see Hennig's Statutes at large Vol 7, p 220 - " at a General Assembly held in Williamsburg on Thursday, 14th day of Sept. - An act for the Defense of the Frontier of this Colony, etc. - Money authorized to be paid to forces".


John McNees, ensign

£ 1- 8 s.

John Caldwell

£ 14 s.

James Caldwell

£ 16 s.

Abraham Martin

£ 3- 6 s.

David Caldwell for wagons

£ 10- 7 s.

John Rodgers

£ 13- 4 s. 6d.

David Caldwell

£ 18 s.

Andrew Rodgers

£ 1- 2 s.


     From Order Book 6, p 128 Lunenburg Co. we find the following: Silvanus Walker having produced two several commissions from the honorable Francis Fauquier, Esq. His majesties' Lieutenant Governor and Commander-in-chief of this colony, the said Sylvanus Walker to be an Ensign under Captain Daniel Claiborne and the said John McNeese to be an Ensign under Capt. Richard Dudgeon, who took the usual oath to his Majesties' Pension. Government and Repeated and Subscribed to the test. June Court 1760.

     For record of this appointment see also Landon Bell's Old Free State, Vol. 1, p 193.

     He had a number of land grants in Virginia as he did in S.C. later. By 1770 he is living in S.C. in what is now Laurens Co., known then as Berkeley Co. He is selling his lands in Charlotte Co. in that year and he is referred to as a resident of Bartlett Co. in S.C.

     John McNeese was a member of the First Provincial Congress held in Charleston, S.C. on Jan. 11, 1775. He represented the District between the Broad and Saluda Rivers. The following men from this district Viz: Col. Thomas Fletchall, Major John Caldwell, Messrs. Charles King, John Williams, John Satterhwaite, Jonhathan Downs, James Williams, James Creswell, John McNees, Robert Cunningham, George Ross, Samuel Savage, John Thomas, John Ford, John Caldwell, John Gordon, John Prince were appointed to look after certain matters in their own district such as seeing that the inhabitants of the colony gave preference to their own flour and other manufactures, regulation of proceedings in regard to debts and foreclosure of Mortgages, for receiving and determining upon application relative to law processes and for affectedly carrying into execution the continental association. (From Peter Force Collection of American Archives, 4th Series Vol. 1, p 1110. This being a quotation from Memoirs of the American Revolution by William Monultirie, Gov. of S.C. and Major General of the U.S. Army during the American War.) See also O'Neal's Annals of Newberry p 204.

     John McNeese died between Nov, 27, 1779, date of his will and Nov. 1, 1800, the date of probation. His will is on file in Camden, S.C. Under ordinary circumstances the will would have been filed in Charleston, but the British armies were between Laurens and Charleston, so it was filed in the district court of Camden. The following is an Abstract of the will:

    Nov. 27, 1779. Wife Mary, Daughter Margaret Rogers: daughter Jean Mertin (Martin?): daughter _ Armstrong: daughter _ Waldrop: son, James McNeis: daughter, Mary Young, wife of Hugh Young: son Bert McLaglan (Robert): daughter Ann Rogers: daughter Mary McLaelen. "The rest of my estate I do bequeath to my beloved Adam McCool." Witnesses: James Johnston, Jean McCool, Adam McCool. Probated Mar. 1 1780.

     The wife Mary mentioned in will must have been a second wife a s the early deeds in Lunenburg Co. give the name of his wife as Margaret. The daughter Margaret married John Rodgers Esq. The daughter Ann was probably the wife of Andrew Rodgers who left will in Laurens Co. proved 1821. The daughter Jean Martin was probably the wife of Shadrach Martin who came, and was a witness for John McNeese on one occasion in Charlotte. The son, Robert was the ancestor of Dr. David Bancroft Johnson, founder of Winthrop College, through Roberts daughter Sabra who married as her second husband a White. They were the parents of Dr. Johnson's mother, Margaret White.


                                   John McNees


                                Robert McNees

                          |                                |

        Richard McNees                Sabra McNees (md. 2) John D. White

                 |                                             |

        Nancy McNees                         Margaret White (md. Johnson)

                 |                                             |

        Ada Golding                          Dr. David Bancroft Johnson
                                                (Founder of Whithrop College)