McNeeses who were POWs during the Civil War

Jacob McNeese
     Jacob was born in November 1837 in Greene County, Tennessee and died 1903 in Greene County.   He served in Company K 1st East Tennessee Regiment.  On July 31, 1864 Jacob was taken prisoner during McCooks Raid near Atlanta.  He was taken to Andersonville Prison in Sumter County, Georgia.   On September 19, 1864 he was released from Andersonville and exchanged in Atlanta.
    He was the son of Samuel McNeese and Mary E. "Polly" Linebaugh, and is buried in New Hope Cemetery in Greene County.

John H McNees
     John McNees was a prisoner in Andersonville Prison.  He was a Corporal in E Company of the 100th Pennsylvania Calvary.   He died in Andersonville on October 23, 1864.  He is buried in Section H, marker 11464. 

Samuel W McNeese
       Samuel was born in 1835 in Greene County, Tennessee and died on September 17, 1864 in Andersonville Prison.  He was the son of Jonas McNeese and Ruth Babb.   He served in Company G of the 8th Tennessee Calvary Regiment.  He is buried in the cemetery at Andersonville.

       He is listed as "McKeese" on the marker in the cemetery.  For additional information click here.

William T McNeese
      William died in Elmira Prison  on March 14, 1864.  He served with the 2nd Florida Infantry Regiment (CSA).   He is buried in Woodlawn National Cemetery in Elmira, New York.  His marker number is 2433.